Love the way you pay.

Customers pay in four instalments, and in most cases, the first instalment is completed at the time of purchase. The remaining three instalments are due every two weeks, and customers get a reminder when their next payment is due.

What Are The Benefits?

We trust and empower shoppers.

There’s a clear generational shift in payment preferences. A staggering 63% of Millennials don’t own a single credit card. That’s why at Clearpay, we’re turning the credit industry on its head by putting our trust in the customers and giving shoppers the freedom to buy what they want today and pay over time.

Clearpay isn’t a line of credit or a loan; we don’t charge interest or do credit checks.

Rather, it’s a budgeting tool that allows customers to spread out the cost of their purchase across a series of more digestible payments. It gives customers the flexibility to spend their own money while ensuring they’re never spending more than the actual price of the item they’re buying. Because customers are only charged if they miss a payment, they are incentivised to stay organised and accountable.

How We’re Different

Shopping is fun.

Today’s shopper wants a better way to pay. That’s why we’re striving to make paying for products as enjoyable as shopping for them.

We’re committed to
responsible spending.

Clearpay offers customers a responsible way to budget their spending, and they can do so without having to worry about hidden feeds, interest or credit checks.

Clearpay Core Pillars

Clearpay’s global mission is to empower a more responsible economy in which everyone wins. To keep us focused on this mission, here are our guiding principles:



It’s not pay in four, or BNPL, it’s Clearpay. We are the verb and our own category. Our new visual identity enhances alignment with our global customer base and differentiation.



Expand globally to deepen retailer partnerships. Increase focus on SMB acceptance in newer markets. Utilise brand and innovation to drive customer acceptance and retention.



Drive greater ecosystem value to customers and merchants. Elevate customer-led differentiation via platform enhancements. Leverage merchant insights, tools and value-added outcomes.



Maintain focus in every aspect of our performance. Accelerate investment in the global addressable market opportunity.


Do The Right Thing

Maintain focus on our people, protecting the business, caring for customers and good corporate governance.

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